Moving made easy

When you’re ready to make your move, Golden Living have a team of people ready to give you a helping hand will all parts of the sale of your current home and the move into your brand new apartment. A Golden Living sales consultant will be with you every step of the way to help ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible.

With a smaller and more manageable apartment, you can throw off the old way and start living the way you’ve always wanted to.

Easy Move

Enjoy the times of your life and move into a stunning Golden Living retirement apartment in no time at all, with our Easy Move offer.

We are giving over 55s the chance to move into one of our luxury retirement apartments in Brigg or Nunthorpe quicker than ever before.

Golden Living also offer Part Exchange and Assisted Move schemes, as well as help towards the cost of moving, to ensure that you can start enjoying all the benefits of retirement as soon as possible.

Moving checklist

Six weeks to go

  • Obtain written quotes from several removal firms to help you move. You may be able to save money packing some possessions yourself.
  • Begin clearing out your old home, going through all your belongings clearing out anything you don't need.

Four weeks to go

  • Contact all the utility companies, your bank / credit card firms and local authority that you will be moving out of your current home and give them your new address. There are now companies who will deal with the process for you for you for a small fee.
  • Also make your telephone/broadband companies and any satellite/cable providers aware that you are moving, as it can take a while for the changeover to take place. You could also benefit from ringing them shortly before the move as a reminder.
  • Advise the Post Office to redirect your post on the date of your move
  • If you are moving far, you will need to find and register with a new doctor and dentist

Two weeks to go

  • Continue packing, sorting and clearing unnecessary items

One week to go

  • Give your new address and postcode to your removal firm
  • Cancel any outstanding services, for example your newspaper delivery
  • Find old blankets or sheets which you can put down in your new apartment to protect the carpets

The day before

  • Take the final meter readings and organise payment of any bills
  • Label your boxes with their contents and room destination in your apartment
  • If you are leaving your fridge and freezer for the new owner of your current home, make sure they are unplugged and completely dry inside
  • Finalise your packing

The day of the move

  • Unplug any remaining appliances
  • When your removal firm arrives, show them what is to be moved
  • Check around your old house one final time
  • Close and lock doors and windows of your old home
  • Check all your boxes/items have been delivered to your new home